The food or beverage sticker labels from sinicline

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We understands the complex needs of labeling in the Specialty Food & Beverage industry. Your custom sticker labels must absolutely standout from others on a crowded shelf and they must perform properly in the environment for which they are stored. You also need cost effective options for product lines with multiple SKUs that involved short to medium runs, which is perfectly served by Digital Label press.

And on the larger scale you may need strong pricing and store and release options for larger runs of commodity products. Technical Options: Labels on rolls for automatic application. Moisture resistant & waterproof .Clear “No-Look” sticker labels. Freezer grade adhesives. Foil Stamp & Embossing .Varnishes and lamination. Printing on adhesive side for special applications .Full color or Hexachrome for extended brilliant color.

We have much experience in worldwide supply and distribution on sticker labels, we can help you in every aspect of logistics and export. We look forward to hearing from any worldwide customers, and will treat all inquiries, small or large with the professionalism, honesty and integrity which is the success of our company.

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