Scanning barcode labels in some product sales

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Every consumer will wonder in first contact to the supermarket products above the row of figures,the barcode labels is defined by a set of rules arrangement,space and corresponding characters of the logo,used to express a certain commodity information symbols.article is dark and empty as the na-color for barcode reading equipment,the reading of the scan,the corresponding character from a group consisting of Arabia digital.for people to read directly or through the keyword to input data by used a computer.this group of characters of space and the corresponding information is expressed by the same.

The technology of barcode labels is with the computer and information technology in the development and application of the birth,it is the set of coding,printing,identification,data acquisition and processing in a new technology.the use of barcode scanning is the next big trend in market order to make the goods in freedom around the world,the widest circulation enterprises, whether it is design, application for registration or use commodity,must abide by the relevant provisions on the administration of commodity barcode.

Currently the world commonly used code system ENA code, UPC code,barcode, two five cross two five bar, three nine barcode and 128 barcode of goods, but most commonly used is the EAN barcode for commodity.In order to adapt to the computer management,printing electronic scanning barcode labels in some product sales.

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