The metal labels as metal buttons from sinicline

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The metal labels from our company are quite popular throughout every corner of the world. ever year we will send our professional designers to attend the most fashionable garments fairs to keep abreast of the fashion trend. We know that the different type of garments surely need the different kind of labels patterns. So our professional designers not just stay at home ti design the appropriate patterns of metal labels for your company garments, they all the time keep the trend of the outer world.

As long as keeping pace with the fashion garments world, we can lay out the most excellent metal labels for our valuable customers, and that we can provide the outstanding metal labels which can distinguish your garments from other suppliers. Our company are specialized in manufacturing assorted kinds of metal labels which can find wide application in the garments industry, the jeans buttons, the men jackets industry.

The price of the metal labels from our company are also highly competitive in comparison with other suppliers in the markets. We are factory direct company that we spare the unnecessary cost for our valuable customers. we accept the customized orders, such as the material, the size, the color, the pattern we all can customize in accordance with our customers demand. If you have any plan on the metal labels, please contact us without hesitation.

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