The design bottleneck restrict the development of garments industry in china

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China Garment Industry Association recently announced the list of "Top 100 Chinese apparel industry enterprise" in 2012, the contest since 1995, has been successfully held for 17 sessions. In these 17 years, the number of excellent local garment enterprises continue to grow, and grow that they dominate the market through the mode of clothing and to join the association gradually become the benchmark enterprises to lead the development of the industry.

As the world's largest apparel consuming countries which also bring more business opportunity to the garmentsfabric labels development, the huge population base of China's 1.3 billion population, gave birth to the fertile ground for the development of the domestic apparel industry. In recent years, many apparel brands through innovative models of development, and e-commerce channels quickly seize the market. But while local brands growing, China's huge consumer market of clothing also attracted many international clothing brand continuous influx, the domestic clothing brand design concept is still a wide gap between international brands, a breakthrough which design bottlenecks have to achieve technological innovation and new material upgrades have become China's garment industry problems to be solved. There are also a design gap between the fabric labels from china mainland and western world.

With the continuous development of China's social and economic demand ,the people for the clothing consumption has moved from the basic survival needs of the "wrap up warm" to wear beautiful "," put "boutique consumer demand changes. Consumer choice and taste of clothing become the most visible manifestations of the aesthetic trends and values. Based on this, the clothing brand connotation, style design, materials, innovation has become the key to success in the garment enterprises, you can see that the domestic garment enterprises focus on brand and original design. There is no denying that the domestic garment enterprises are constantly in the process of brand development to advance their own design strength, the efforts made by R & D progress and innovation strength was to narrow the gap from international clothing brands. But in the garment industry design plagiarism phenomenon on the garments or garments fabric labels style is still very serious.

"Plagiarism" is a common phenomenon in the domestic apparel industry, many companies such practice euphemistically called "integration" said refining and learn the successful experience of the previous brand garments company, which makes many stick to the original design . On the other hand, the costume design patent applications on the intellectual property rights also exist difficulties, costume design can not withstand the patent application six months, the, as long as the minor local modification the "plagiarism goods" can easily escape the constraints of copyright laws. So we can come to the conclusion that the government should enumerate lots of concrete measures to eradicate the plagiarism on the design offabric labels and garments styles.

Designed to highlight the clothing brand connotation which is a direct reflection of the height and depth of the development of garment enterprises. No one know more about China than the Chinese people, while local brands in China is a serious lack of their own voice in the international apparel brands, the china mainland garments company are vying for space in the international markets, our urgent attention is needed.

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