The growth rates of seal tags is outstanding in china

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China's economy now facing one of the biggest challenges is how to get the growth rate of the domestic economy to hedge export profits. Now the small and medium-sized garment enterprises has always become the driving force in the domestic growth in china. China's small and medium-sized private garment enterprises know how to conduct business, and how to get people to buy the clothing which are sold to consumers, and how to make the garment enterprises achieve growth. Large garment enterprises are usually based on export-oriented. Therefore, they can not solve the problems associated with the growth rate of China's domestic economic. With the remarkable development of the garments industry, the garments accessory including the seal tags also obtain an opportunity to develop.

Therefore, for China, the biggest problem is how to mobilize the enthusiasm from these small and medium-sized commercial garment enterprises, enough attention and recognition to the importance of the status from small and medium garment enterprises. This is important, because it is precisely these garment seal tags enterprises drive the growth of China's domestic economy.

And the other driving forces of China's domestic economic growth, the funds provided for consumption. The problem now is that China's domestic economy can not rely solely on the income consumption which leadingly bring growth force. The revenue growth is not fast enough, can not create a timely spending power, and thus can not be timely hedging the export profits of seal tags. Therefore, to achieve timely consumer must be assisted consumer credit.

Garment enterprises of this consumer credit instruments must be regulated by the government, but the government must first guide people to produce a proper understanding of it. In other words, the government must tell the people, the consumer is a glorious thing - like say before Deng Xiaoping, the affluence is a glorious thing. Now that should make this consciousness: the consumer is something glorious thing.

Do not rely solely on the income to spend, but also to use a credit card, thereby creating the driving force of consumer debt consumption. In fact, many big brands clothing actually comes from these factories, which no doubt shows the quality of clothing production capacity, but why they do not form their own core competitiveness? Of Course, which also must rely on government regulation, so as not to produce too bad effect. But in any event, the Government must apply the development impetus.

Therefore, from the above it is that China's domestic economy face two major challenges, especially in small and medium garment enterprises. Remembering to seize two things: First, the consumer is a glorious thing; Second, to create more consumer transactions. This is the only way to drive the economic growth of garments industry in China.

China's gross domestic economy now accounts for 37% of GDP, and this data will eventually reach 50%. But to achieve this goal, consumers can shop in the community experience, you can feel the fabric of the clothing, work, and try the effect in the community store to buy it, or under orders, and then by the shop, logistics and distribution. The only way is to allow people to have more income. There must be more commodity trading, there must be more consumer credit, in order to help China's gross domestic economy eventually account for 50% of

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