Small barcode labels with great functions

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Barcode labelsexisted in every filed. It is by far the most economical, practical kind of automatic identification technology. Barcode technology has the following advantages A. Input speed: compared with the keyboard input, the barcode input speed is 5 times quickly than the keyboard input, and can achieve a "real-time data input". B. High reliability: keyboard input data error rate is three-hundredth of one, the use of optical character recognition error rate is one of ten thousandth, while the use of barcode technology the data error rate is less than one of one millionth. C. Collected a large amount of information: the use of the traditional one-dimensional barcode once collected dozens of characters, and two-dimensional barcode can carry thousands of characters of information, and automatic error correction capability. D. Flexible and practical: the barcode identifies both can be used alone as a means of identification, a system to automate identification and to the identification of equipment, automated management and other control devices can also link up. Addition, the barcode label is easy to manufacture, and there are no special requirements for equipment and materials, the identification equipment operation is easy and does not require special training and equipment is also relatively inexpensive. E. cost is very low. In the retail sector, because the barcode labels are printed on the packaging of goods, so its cost is almost 'zero'

In retail goods, non-retail goods, logistics unitand soon. We all can find barcode labels. In China, we adopted the internationalcommoncommoditycodeandbarcode identificationsystem, the popularization and application ofbarcodeestablishourmerchandiseidentification system.

With the barcode labels, people’s work is easier. They only use a scan machine to scan it, the price will display on the computer. It save much times for the people to calculate the price, also invoid the mistake during the calculating processing. It also can help people to breakdown the products. It’s really so good.

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