The significances of lanyards

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In common life, lanyards are just simple hanging ornaments. However, do you notice the significances behind them? They are sometimes regarded as common hanging ornaments, sometimes regarded as the witness of friendship, love and benediction. A lanyard has so much significance, how about yours? There is a moving love story about lanyards spread by many people. It is said that there is a girl who has two beautiful lanyards. She heard from somebody that the lovers’ lanyards may bring her happiness. So she hangs up hers and keeps the other bound on mobile phone. She expects the boy belonging her and gives this lanyard to him.

She also doubts about this folklore at beginning. After a long time, she almost forgets this folklore. One day, she walks on the road sending messages to her friends. Suddenly, the mobile phone has been taking away by a man. She runs following that man and asks help for others. At this time, a boy appears and runs to that man catching his hand with mobile phone. The man throws the mobile phone to the sky and run away. The boy catches it and gives it to the girl then walks away without a word. When the girl’s breath recovered, she notices that her lanyards are gone. She finds every where, but nothing found.

When the girl is ready to go, the boy runs back. He said if the two lanyards sticking on his coat belong to the girls’. The girl moves saying yes. She gives the other lanyard to the boy. They start a life of love. Even though the story is simple, but how many times can you find the kind of meeting? So the story is spread by the people striving love. With these significances, do you find yours? If you have lover, please give your other lanyard to her or him.

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