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Sinicline Enterprise Brach Office in Wuchang has been founded for a year. The staffs of Wuchang Brach Office attended the annual spring outdoor activity held by company headquarters on March 28, 2015. We were assigned to each team and truly integrated into Sinicline family. Our sense of teamwork had improved obviously during this activity.

Our Wuchang branch staffs had a memorable experience during this activity. We learned a lot through personal experience. This outdoor activity enabled us to get to know ourselves and our team. We clearly realized that we were family. We must fight together to win each competition. We should support each other and trust each other. I believe our company will be more powerful and perfect if each one pay attention to teamwork.
Team spirit is the basis of success. Everything will turn out to be a mess if we do not cooperate. The personal growth of every person is closely associated with team. Team spirit is conducive to building a good personality and improves the comprehensive qualities for person. The following are some of my feelings in this activity.

First, each team must have its clear goals. However, we can’t achieve all goals smoothly. Our future is bright, but we have to fight to have a bright future. People who are full of team spirit usually have strong sense of responsibility. They are often dynamic and passionate. They can cooperate with others to complete the team mission.
Second, harmonious interpersonal relationship and good psychological quality are the foundation of team spirit. People can’t cooperate well with each other and trust each other without harmonious interpersonal relationship. Also, people can’t tolerate others and take the initiative to make progress if they don’t have good psychological quality.

The leader of a team and the team members are equally important. In fact, I believe they make it each other possible. The organizational skill of team leader and executive ability of team members play very important roles in teamwork. If a company wants to have a better development, it should have highly effective teams that are full of team spirit.
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