43 Federal Trade Fair for Textile and light industry goods and equipment

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On August 23rd ~ 26th 2014, Sinicline participated in the 43 Federal Trade Fair in Russia, which is the exhibition for Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment. Federal Trade Fair established in 1993, jointly organized by Russia textile group and light industry group. It’s the biggest exhibition for textile in Russia and CIS countries, and held twice a year (February, September). 

Our company has applied 2 booths (18 m²). Considering we have permanent Russia customer, we have brought full set of garment accessories for this fair, and this time our two general managers lead the team, which attracted more customer gathered to watch and consult than former fair. It’s a harvest tour. There are 78 customer consult at our booth, reached purchased intention $1,000,000, the actual turnover up to $390,000. We have also found the big customer of garment accessories in Russia; it lays a good foundation in Russia market for our product. 

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