Hangtags FQA

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How much does this hangtag cost?
Re: As all our products are custom-made, we do not have a complete price list of hangtag, and your hangtag design will not be exactly the same as the reference sample. Please kindly send us your design with color, size and material. Then, we can quote you the hangtag accordingly.
Can you provide design for hangtag?
Re: Our professional designer team will provide professional advise and service to meet the needs of customer , and the design service is for free.
Shall I pay the set up charge for the hangtag?
Re: Yes, there is a set up charge for sampling of hangtag depends on different technics.
What is your MOQ for hangtag?
Re: Generally, our minimum order quantity for hangtag is 5,000pcs, but it is usually flexible.
How to make the payment for hangtag?
Re: Generally, our payment term is 100% TT, 100% Western Union and 100% PayPal in advance.
What is the delivery time of hangtag?
Re: The delivery time for sample is about 10 days, for bulk production is about 12~15 days.
What is the shipping cost?
Re: without the sample at hand, it is hard to calculate the shipping cost. But once the hangtag sample is made, we can give you the accurate shipping cost for the hangtag.
Do you accept small quantity?
Re: We accept very small order for hangtag as long as it is feasible. We are willing to meet the requirement of our customer, but sometimes we are limited by the other factors such as the availability of material, minimum quantity needed to start the machine and the cost of production. Please take note the price of the hangtag for small quantity will be inevitable higher.
Can you rush my order for the hangtag?
Re: Yes, we will do it in a very flexible way in order to satisfy our hangtag customer if they are in urgent needs. In some cases we can produce the hangtag in 5 days. But please do not over use the urgency service since it will make our production arrangement in a bad condition.
Do you sell hangtag stock?
Re: No, we do not sell hangtag stock since the tracemark and logo on the label are properties of their respective holder.
Are you a manufacturer or trading company? Where located?
Re: We are a manufacturer located in Wuhan, China
What brand you have cooperated with?
Re: We have cooperated with many top brands, such as RALPH LAUREN, Calvin Klein, DKNY, INTOWN, CHAPS, DANIEL HECHTER, JOHN HENRY, NICOLE LEE, IZOD, apt.9, Michael Kors and so on.
How to control your quality?
Re: We have 100% inspection systerm ensures high quality.
Can you help me with the shipping?
Re: We have much experience in worldwide supply and distribution, we can help you in logistics and export.
Does the price of the hangtag include freight?
Re: As all our products are custom-made, we could not know the accurate weight without samples, we usually quote Ex-work price.
What is the way of shipping?
Re: We can ship your order by Express, by Air or by Sea, we will suggest you the best and cheapest way of your order
What kinds of material are  used for hangtag?
Re: We can do hangtag with paper cardboard, PVC, fabric and other special materials , we will give you the professional advise based on your clothes style.
How to reduce the cost of hangtag?
Re: Normally, there are many factors affect the price, such as: size, material,color, logo and technics, if you want a cheaper price, you can do the hangtag with a simple desgin.
How to highlight my logo on the hangtag?
Re: There are many technics to highlight your logo, such as: die cut, spot UV, embossed, metal foil and so on.

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